CRM – the most important functions and possibilities


The CRM system is an extensive tool designed to quickly and easily manage sales, communicate with the client and employees. Modern CRM systems help in creating sales strategies, which improves contacts with the client and increases the company’s profits. Among the many functions and capabilities of the systems, we can distinguish, among others:

customer contact management,
management of offers and sales,
fast data export,
team management,
statistics and reports.
Managing contact with the customer
The CRM panel responsible for customer relationship management includes, among others customer data, transaction history. We can conveniently plan a meeting or marketing activities. The CRM system allows you to group customers and assign contact with them to individual employees.

Managing offers and sales
CRM software significantly improves the management of sales and individual offers, regardless of whether we are dealing with a large company or a small enterprise. The software helps us quickly and easily create descriptions of products and offers that will arouse the interest of buyers. In addition, after conducting a specific marketing campaign or the end of the sales period, we can use the full report of activities and sales, which will allow us to draw conclusions and introduce possible changes to our activities.

Fast data export
The data available in the CRM system can be easily exported and saved in .CSV or .XLS formats. We do not have to immediately export full data, the software allows for convenient data segregation and division, among others for offers, customers, invoices, leads.

Team management
The CRM system allows for efficient team management, which is facilitated by specially developed functions. Task management roles allow you to assign a person responsible for running a given offer and people cooperating on a given project. It is also the possibility of control through the assessment of the supervisor, reports on the tasks performed and the time devoted to a given project. The CRM system can also send reminders and notifications regarding important matters or an upcoming deadline. Working in the CRM system is perfect for home office, regardless of the place where we are remotely, we can have access to the necessary files that are constantly updated.

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