How do I improve product descriptions in my store to sell more?


The sale of each product requires proper communication with the customer. Descriptions of the assortment are to make the recipient aware of the need to have or create it. But what if the content posted in your store does not fulfill this task? In this article, we’ll discuss what to look for when revising product descriptions.

Product descriptions – role
To properly approach annotation correction, you need to know what functions they perform. The benefits of having professional product texts come down to a few points.

High sales – the main task of the product description is to persuade you to buy.
Good position in the search engine – SEO optimized descriptions allow you to achieve visibility, thanks to which you will reach more people.
High conversions – more traffic on the website, number of clicks and other user actions. All this increases the chance of a sale.
Positive image and recognition – reliable descriptions allow you to gain the trust of customers. Thanks to the high position in the ranking, the store is known to a greater number of users.

Correction of product descriptions – what to pay attention to?
Each assortment has different features and it is worth emphasizing this. However, there are tips that will come in handy when correcting the description of any product. If the texts in your store aren’t generating sales, you may have missed one of these aspects.

Client profile
Correct correction of the description should be preceded by the creation of a consumer profile. Only when you know who you are addressing the message to, can you plan how to build it. Specify in detail who your potential customer is. Age, gender, education, place of residence – decide which of these audience demographics are relevant.

Then answer the questions – what interests him, what problems and challenges he is facing, and what needs arise from this. This will help you choose convincing arguments.

The language of benefits
Are the product descriptions in your store written in the language of the benefits or are they only about the characteristics of the product? One of the most common reasons for the ineffectiveness of such texts is the lack of reference to emotional values. In a good description, each property has an intangible benefit. It is a solution to a specific problem or the pleasure of having a product.

Use the knowledge about the customer that you organized while creating the profile. Let the product description show him that you know his needs and have a solution to his problems ready.

Informative value
The text should not only encourage you to buy, but also provide comprehensive information. Check that the current content corresponds to the questions that the customer asks himself before the purchase. By revising product descriptions, clear up any doubts that may prevent you from purchasing.

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