How to choose a good printing house?

Printing advertising materials such as leaflets, catalogs, posters or business cards is often an integral part of marketing activities carried out by a given company. Your company’s needs for the type of advertising material may change, but the fact that you need a good print shop to print them remains the same. What to pay attention to when choosing?

Scope of the offer
When browsing the offer of printing houses, you can see that there are printing houses offering a wide range of services, but there are also printing houses with a specific specialization and offering, for example, only digital label printing. Such specialization may be their advantage, but it may also be a disadvantage, although it depends primarily on the needs of the company looking for a printing house.

If we are looking for a flexible printing house that will print several dozen posters informing us about a company event, another time it will execute an order for us to print several hundred notebooks, and another time it will provide us with a thousandth circulation of letterhead, it is definitely not worth choosing a printing house with a narrow specialization. A printing house that has a wide offer and offers both offset and digital printing will be much better.

Ease of communication
When choosing a printing house, the ease of communication during the valuation of the order is also of great importance. The more automated the order valuation process, depending on the given parameters, the easier the decision-making process. Thanks to the calculator available on the printing house’s website, you can check the cost of a given order and check whether and how they depend on the parameters set. It’s much easier than exchanging a sequence of e-mails with someone from the customer service office in a printing house.

Speed ​​of order fulfillment
If we operate in an industry where plans change very quickly and orders for printing materials come almost at the last minute, then when looking for a printing house, we should pay attention to the time of order fulfillment. If the printing house is able to provide us with a printout in a short time with small amounts of money, it is a printing house worth contacting.

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