Positioning of websites. What is it about? Is it worth investing in?


Are you looking for a way to attract new customers to your website? One of the most popular online promotion methods is positioning.

Website owners have a wide variety of online marketing methods at their disposal. Among them there is also website positioning, which in connection with their optimization is referred to as SEO (search engine optimization). What is SEO? Is it profitable to invest in them? How can you achieve the best results by using this promotion method?

What is website positioning?
Website positioning is the promotion of websites, for example a company website or an online store, using the Google search engine. The goal in this case is to raise the website address as high as possible, preferably the first position, where the address is most visible. The websites in the top positions are more noticeable, and thanks to this, many more Internet users enter them.

For optimal results, positioning should be properly planned and implemented. Importantly, this is not a one-time action, because for optimal results, the website should not only gain a high position, but also maintain it. That is why website positioning is treated as a process that allows the company to gain a competitive advantage on the Internet.

How is website positioning done?
Positioning consists of a set of activities, which include:

Website audit – it is used for its thorough control in terms of preparation for SEO activities.
Selection of keywords – they determine the company’s offer, the content of the website.
Website optimization – activities carried out on the website to prepare it for positioning. It concerns the content of the website, its structure and even photos, so that the website is easy to read for search engine robots.
Positioning the website – the actual activities are carried out off-site, i.e. off-site. They consist, among other things, in cataloging the website, publishing sponsored entries, running a company blog, websites in social media. The goal is link building – obtaining valuable links leading to the website, because then search engine robots treat it as more valuable and display it in a higher position.
Campaign control and modification – during promotion through positioning, it is also important to systematically control the effects of the campaign and modify it when it is necessary to achieve even better results.

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