What does a programmer’s job look like?

Programming what first?
It’s worth starting with who the programmer is. By definition, a person who writes computer programs and applications in a specific programming language. It sounds simple enough, but in reality the work is much more complicated than we think. If we are going to look for a job in this position, we should spend tens, if not hundreds, of hours on mastering a specific programming language, and learning a few others to a minimal extent, because most companies require perfect knowledge of one language, and a few others to a lesser extent.

What does a programmer’s job look like?
Modern programmers find employment most often in large IT companies, where they develop computer supervision systems or care for network security in these companies. The advantage of such work is certainly a fixed remuneration.

Nothing prevents you from working as a freelancer. There are many orders on the Internet to write applications that are designed to support the work of enterprises. The advantage of this type of work is that you don’t have to stay in the office all day. Technology has advanced so much that most tasks can be performed remotely on mobile devices.

Earnings in the IT industry.
The pay gap is only as great as the individual’s qualification discrepancy. Most often, however, the monthly earnings of an experienced programmer in a large company amount to even several thousand zlotys per month.

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